About Us:

Hello! My name is Ariel, I’m the creator and owner of Laurel & Twine.  

Over the years I developed a green thumb and became obsessed with plants. Unfortunately for me, I have an unrelenting plant eating cat named Purdy.  So in my effort to keep them away from her I had to get crafty by making plant hangers for my own home. 

After filling my house, I decided to start selling them and have officially been in business about a year and a half now.

I say my design aesthetic is minimal with a dash of boho rustic modern, using 3 main mediums- wood, gold hoops, and macramé cord. Everything is handmade in Salt Lake City and Purdy approved. ;)



                                  Cat sitting on shelf with a plant hanger hanging behind her.   

Cutting each piece of wood 

Sanding each piece of wood 

Staining each piece of wood 

packaging each item