Large Indoor Plant Wall Trellis-The Rose

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Elevate your indoor green oasis with our Indoor Wall Trellis - a seamless blend of wall décor and plant display. The fully assembled trellis comes packaged for easy shipping and includes 7 versatile hoops ranging in size from 6" to 10". With included mounting material and elegant gold accents, effortlessly hang and showcase your plants. Measures approximately 43"x24" for indoor use.

Transform your space into a lush haven where artistry meets nature with our Indoor Wall Trellis – the perfect fusion of form and foliage.

How to hang: 

Gently unfold the trellis.  If desired, you will then be able to adjust the positioning of each hoop by sliding it where the wire connects them.  Use the picture hanger hooks (included) to hang the top hoops from the wall. Once all set up you can start intertwining the vines of your plant through.  The trellis may come away from the wall when the plant is wrapped behind it.   Enjoy your new green wall décor!