The Flora

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"The Flora" is the perfect plant hanger for those looking for a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Its unique design features a gold metal hoop that elegantly suspends your potted plant from the ceiling, creating a stunning visual display. Add a touch of elegance and style to your home or office with "The Flora."


  • Large: 12"x12" gold metal hoops connected to a 6" gold metal hoop that perfectly cradles most 5 to 6-inch pots.

  • Medium: 10"x10" gold metal hoops connected to a 5" gold metal hoop, offering a snug fit for most 4 to 5-inch pots.

  • Small: 8"x8" gold metal hoops connected to a 4" gold metal hoop, accommodating most 3-inch pots with perfection.

Note: Plants and pots in pictures are not included, provided only as a reference for sizing.

Ensure you follow the weight recommendations of the hook from which "The Flora" hangs, avoiding exceeding the specified weight for a secure and stylish presentation of your beloved plants.