The Harper

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The Harper is a unique handmade plant shelf for a medium- small space on a wall. The wooden base and macramé spiral knot give it a practical yet modern boho appeal for any home.

Each wooden base is cut, sanded and stained by hand. There are 2 handtied macramé cord pieces attached on each side to hold up the wooded base and are connected with a wooden ring to hang from a nail/hook in the wall.

Intended for indoor use, but may be ok in a sheltered area outside.  All wooden bases have a protective clear coat. Use a damp cloth to dust when needed.

***Plants and Pots in pictures are Not included- Just as a reference for sizing. A single 6" pot (pictured) or multiple smaller plants fit perfectly. ***

-Wooden base: 16" x 6"
-Macramé cord hanging from hook to shelf: 13" long

The wooden rings easily hook best on a picture hanging hooks- in the pictures and included.