The Juniper

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The Juniper is a large handmade modern boho plant hanger.

Each wooden base is custom cut, sanded and stained by hand. Two modern gold hoops are attached on each side and then connected to a cotton cord from which to hang.
Intended for indoor use, but may be ok in a sheltered area outside.  All wooden bases have a protective clear coat. Use a damp cloth to dust when needed.

This is the perfect modern unique plant hanger to show off your beautiful overflowing plants.

Available in 4 different stain options: Natural, emerald, oak and black.

-Wooden base: 10" x 10"
-Gold hoops: 12"
-Hanging length: approximately 34" (ceiling to top of wood base)

Sized for a 6"-8" pot. or a couple smaller ones

These Items come flat for shipping and storage concerns.  Just flip the wooden base so the hooks on the side are facing down, and simply place each gold hoop under the hook on each side.

***Plants and Pots in pictures are Not included- Just as a reference for sizing***

Depending on the hook it hangs from and how much weight it recommends to hold- Do Not exceed that weight.