The Londyn

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The Londyn is a unique multiuse hanging shelf for a medium/small space on a wall. The wooden base and gold metal hoops give it a practical yet modern minimal appeal for any home.  Place a plant on it or use it as a catch-all for your keys, wallet, sunglasses etc. in your entryway. 

Each wooden base is custom cut, sanded and stained by hand. Two modern gold hoops are attached on each side and connected with a cotton cord which hangs from a nail/hook in the wall.

Intended for indoor use, but may be ok in a sheltered area outside.  All wooden bases have a protective clear coat. Use a damp cloth to dust when needed.

-Wooden base: 16" x 6"
-Gold hoops: 6"
-Hanging length: 22" (from wooden base to hook on wall)

A single 6 inch pot or multiple smaller plants fit perfectly.

The cord loop easily hooks on a simple nail or a picture hanging hook (max 30lbs picture hanging hook included). Depending on the hook it hangs from and how much weight it recommends to hold- Do Not exceed that weight.

***Plants and Pots in pictures are Not included- Just as a reference for sizing***