The Everly - Modern Centerpiece

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Introducing "The Everly" - a versatile and elegant centerpiece that beautifully frames your favorite plant or decor, making it a standout on any shelf or table. Perfect for weddings, holiday dinners, or as a year-round statement piece, this functional and stylish addition will add sophistication to any occasion. Crafted for indoor use, it also features a protective clear coat for easy maintenance, simply use a damp cloth for occasional dusting.

Choose from four stunning stain/finish options – natural, oak, emerald, and black – allowing you to customize it to suit your personal style.


    Wooden base: 10" x 10"
    Gold hoops: 12"

    Wooden base: 6" x 8"
    Gold hoops: 10"

Note: Plants and pots in pictures are not included, provided only as a reference for sizing.