The Everly - Modern Centerpiece

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The Everly fits perfectly on any shelf or table as a centerpiece to showcase either a plant or other décor.  Would be the perfect addition to any wedding table or as a holiday dinner centerpiece.  


Intended for indoor use, but may be ok in a sheltered area outside.  All wooden bases have a protective clear coat. Use a damp cloth to dust when needed. 


Medium size:

-Wooden base: 6" x 8"
-Gold hoops: 10"

Large size: 

-Wooden base: 10" x 10"
-Gold hoops: 12"

Available in 4 different stain/finish options- natural, oak, emerald and black

These Items come flat for shipping and storage concerns. Just flip the wooden base so the hooks on the side are facing up, and simply place each gold hoop on either side.