The Arie - Air Plant Hanger

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The Arie a three tiered gold hoop, is the perfect way to bring greenery into your home without the hassle of soil. One of the most challenging areas in your home to bring life are the small spaces and corners; that makes the Arie the perfect addition to those spaces. Its floating appearance showcases your beautiful air plants in a modern minimal way. You can hang it on the wall, in a window or from the ceiling.

Each tiered ring has a spot between clear wire to insert the air plant and hold it in the middle to create the floating affect. You will be able to easily remove and reinsert easily for watering.

3 different sized rings connected with clear wire, and hand wrapped clear wire to support and hold the air plant in the center of the rings.
Clear wire to hang the rings from.

Each ring diameter are 5, 4 & 3"
Clear wire between each ring is approximately 2”
Total length is about 16”


Plants Do NOT come with hanger.  Pictures with plants are for a visual.